Guy-McPherson-January-20081-225x300Guy McPherson, author of eleven books and the blog Nature Bats Last, left a tenured job as full professor in a desert metropolis to “walk away from empire,” live in a rural community off-the-grid, and contribute everything he learned and earned in his former career toward the success of his new lifestyle. www.guymcpherson.com

D headshotDwight Carter is the Director and Co-Founder of Frutas del Mundo, an off-grid agroforestry education center, plant nursery, and working farm in Izabal, Guatemala. He is an agroforestry expert specializing in fruit tree cultivation and grafting with 30 years of experience living and working in rural Guatemala.

Seed Bearer profileJohn Seed Bearer moved to Central America to create a network of education centers that help people live well throughout the Transition. He lives off-grid in rural Guatemala where he produces solar-dried tropical fruits and offers therapeutic dream interpretation. http://MasterDreamInterpreter.wordpress.com

Parama in rainbow profileParama Williams, M.A., C.M.T., formerly a special education teacher for over a decade, moved to Central America to found an experiential learning center called The Farm School and express her gifts through Life Readings, therapeutic massage, yoga, and writing. http://ParamaWilliams.wordpress.com

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