Times are Changing — Are You Ready?

View from the guesthouse at Frutas del Mundo, Guatemala

View from the guesthouse at Frutas del Mundo, Guatemala

The rainy season has just ended here in Eastern Guatemala, and now, after months of clouds and rain, we have full days of sun intermittently punctuated by billowing white clouds. Daybreak is cool, mornings are warm, midday gets hot out in the sun, but the shade, where a cool breeze can be caught in a hammock, is rather nice. A dip in the cool river moving through the farm here at Frutas del Mundo, surrounded by hundreds of fruit trees lazily drifting in the breeze, makes for some of those unforgettable perfect moments.


When The Next Step seminar happens here during two weeks in mid-June, evenings will be deliciously warm, and those midafternoon dips in the river will give us the delightful splash of cool spring water on a hot day. We will spend our mornings with Dr. Guy McPherson, and on some of these days, we will go out and about on field trips that deepen our exploration of the core human needs and how we can meet them without the dependencies and depredations of the industrial lifestyle. Then, after a delicious tipico lunch featuring fruits and greens grown right here on the farm and cheese made in the nearby village, we will have time to relax in hammocks, or in the river, as we take in what we have learned. We will have time to engage in the kinds of conversations that help us gain perspective and focus on the tough but important questions — about the transition we all find ourselves in the midst of, away from what we were handed that is falling apart all around us and toward a sane way of being.


Read here about The Next Step to learn more.

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